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What is the New York Rock Exchange?


Where the “Opening Bell” meets “More Cowbell”

An IPO is an Initial Public Offering of a SongShare. It’s the debut of a song on the New York Rock Exchange and it’s the first time anyone can purchase a share of the song. Once it goes public, the price goes up with demand, so get in early to get the best deal.

The Rock Certificate

Is it Art or Stock? Yes.

Each SongShare includes a foil stamped, individually numbered Rock Certificate, which is a piece of music history in it’s own right. That’s because unlike CD’s, MP3s, and other ways you can own music, New York Rock Exchange SongShares are exclusive. Only a limited number are authorized for each song, and once they are gone they will never be issued again.

The Royalty

A good song can take you places. Like, say, the bank

Included with each SongShare is a symbolic one-time royalty that comes directly from the artist. It won’t make you rich (welcome to the music business!), but it’s a fun way for artists to “give back” to their fans, and for fans to own a little piece of the music industry. Shareholders also have the option of donating their royalties to a charitable cause selected by the artist.

Your Portfolio

What is your collection worth?

Every stock trader has a scorecard, and the same is true for shareholders on the New York Rock Exchange. Your online portfolio allows you to see all the vital stats for your SongShares, check the current value or your collection, and access your shareholder rewards.

Shareholder Rewards

Now you can finally say, “I’m with the band.”

Owning a SongShare makes you an insider, with access to perks and benefits that aren’t available to the general public. Check the buy page to see what perks come with each share. Whether it’s a quarterly shareholder report or an exclusive download of an unreleased track, there is no better way to connect with your favorite artist.

Buy Low. Sell High. Rock On.