Be there are the beginning...

Leslie Craig’s “Rockstar” is a first. It’s the first song off her first album. It’s also the first share ever listed on the New York Rock Exchange.

Between now and December 1st, fans can get in on the ground floor. But you have to act fast — only 250 Leslie Craig “Rockstar” shares have been authorized.

Once they are gone, there will never be any more...






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A Limited Edition Song Share

Unlike CD’s, digital downloads, and other ways people buy music, New York Rock Exchange shares are not mass produced. Only a limited number of shares are authorized. Once they are sold, no more can ever be issued.

Owning a share makes you part a small, elite group of insiders. You receive perks, including a token royalty that comes directly from the artist. There is simply no better way to connect with the artists you love, and no better way to OWN YOUR MUSIC.

Here is what you get... A Limited Edition Song Share
Exclusive Rock Certificate - Leslie Craig’s Rockstar

Exclusive Rock Certificate

Owning a “Rockstar” share gives you the ultimate in bragging rights. What better way to show off than a stunning rock certificate to hang on your wall?

“Rockstar” shares are limited. Only 250 have been authorized, and once they are gone we will never make any more. Since every New York Rock Exchange share has a unique serial number, you know exactly what share you own.

Certificates are printed, foil stamped, and embossed on 100% cotton paper that comes from the same supplier as the US Mint. But a Rock Certificate is more than just a pretty piece of paper. It signifies ownership of something truly unique, and is the key that unlocks royalties and other perks available to shareholders.

Shareholder-Only Rewards

Every shareholder gets a special reward direct from Leslie Craig — A limited edition print of her album artwork. The original artwork was created by Leslie Craig specifically to be the cover art for her debut album. These high quality, hand numbered 12” x 12” reproductions are limited to 250 prints, and ONLY available to shareholders on the New York Rock Exchange.

Being a shareholder has it’s privileges!

Rockstar Royalties

“Rockstar” shareholders earn a token royalty that comes directly from Leslie Craig. This royalty isn’t a lot of money, but it’s a cool new way for Leslie to give back to her fans, and for you to own a piece of something truly unique. Before the New York Rock Exchange, the only people that received song royalties were rockstars and people in the music industry. Now you can have a little piece of the music business for your very own!

Remember that shares are limited, and once they sell out, the New York Rock Exchange will never issue “Rockstar” shares again.

Leslie Craig

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Share Price changes based on demand.
Get in early to get the best deal!