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Frequently Asked Questions

In the days before digital music, “owning a song” meant something. People defined themselves by their music collections, and the physical elements—album art, liner notes, vinyl—were an essential part of the experience. Today, album art has been reduced to thumbnail images and most music collections are nothing more than a bunch of files on a hard drive. On behalf of music fans who want more, the New York Rock Exchange is fighting to reclaim what it means to own your music!

What is the New York Rock Exchange?

We thought it would be cool if you could own a share of a song. It turns out you can't. So we invented one.

New York Rock Exchange songshares are a fun new way to collect music. Owning a songshare makes you a shareholder—which gets you inside access and exclusive rewards. There's no better way to own the music you love.

What do you get when you buy a songshare?

Each songshare includes a foil embossed “rock certificate”, which is a limited edition piece created with the band—just like album art. We ship them in album covers, just like vinyl.

But unlike records, songshares come with exclusive, shareholder-only rewards. Things like unreleased tracks, limited edition exclusives, and access to online shareholder meetings. The rewards for each share are different, so check the website for details.

What songs are available?

There are new releases each month. The marketplace page shows what's available now. You can also get on our mailing list to get first dibs on new releases.

Can I resell my share?

Yes. Unlike MP3s, CDs, and other ways that people buy music, songshares are all limited edition. They can be resold at any time, and like baseball cards or limited edition art, their value can increase over time.

Does a songshare give me any rights or interest in the song?

No. Songshares are not financial shares, or a security of any kind. They won't make make you rich, but they might make you happy.

Does the artist or band endorse this?

Absolutely! We work closely with the artist to create art and exclusives for their shareholders. And because we deal direct to artist, buying a songshare is one of the single best ways you can support the people who make the music you love.

How do I give a songshare as a gift?

You can purchase and gift a songshare just like any other item. Once the recipient opens it, they'll be able to register it in their name, and claim all the shareholder rewards.

I'm an artist. How can I learn more about issuing songshares?

Please send an email to artists@newyorkrockexchange.com, and we'll tell you how it all works.

Any other questions? Just send email to support@newyorkrockexchange.com. We read every mail, and love hearing your feedback!