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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the New York Rock Exchange?

The New York Rock Exchange is a brand new service that allows fans to buy shares of their favorite songs. It is loosely based on a stock market, but with shares designed for fans rather than for investors. We partner with artists to create limited edition “SongShares”. Shareholders don’t get any financial return, but they get an emotional return in the form of exclusive shareholder rewards and inside access to the artists they love.

What do I get when I buy a SongShare?

When you buy a share you get a bunch cool stuff, all of which is explained in detail on the webpage. The specifics are different for each song, but generally include:

  • A small, one-time royalty that comes from the artist
  • One or more shareholder-only rewards like free downloads, unreleased tracks, exclusive merchandise, early access to music, and much more.
  • An original, limited edition Rock Certificate to hang on your wall and officially certify your superior taste in music.

Unlike CD’s, MP3s, and other ways that people own music, New York Rock Exchange SongShares are exclusive. Only a limited number are authorized for each song, and once they are gone they will never be issued again.

Note that New York Rock Exchange shares are NOT shares of stock, or any other sort of security. They are much cooler...

How do I buy a SongShare?

It all starts when an artist debuts a song on the New York Rock Exchange. This is called an IPO, or Initial Public Offering. When an artist IPOs, we release a webpage where you can buy shares and learn all the details about that particular SongShare.

What songs are currently available?

Go to www.NewYorkRockExchange.com to see the latest information on current SongShare availability. You can also register for IPO alerts to get first notice when new shares will IPO.

Does the artist or band endorse this?

Absolutely. Everything the New York Rock Exchange does is done in partnership with the artist. Musicians are looking for new and innovative ways to connect with their audience, and the New York Rock Exchange is the ultimate way for them to share music with their fans.

Can I sell my SongShare?

Yes. It’s your share, and you are free to sell it, gift it, pass it on to your grandchildren, or cut it up and use the letters in a ransom note. If you want to transfer ownership, just make sure that you go to the New York Rock Exchange website to officially change registration so the new owner gets the royalties and any other goodies that come with it.

Can I make money buying and selling SongShares?

Maybe. New York Rock Exchange shares have limited supply, just like memorabilia, fine art, shares of stock, etc. Since supply is fixed, the value of a SongShare depends on demand. If more people want it, the price goes up. That means you can POTENTIALLY make money buying and selling New York Rock Exchange SongShares the same way you can potentially make money buying and selling, say, baseball cards. Of course as with anything, it’s also possible to lose money.

At the end of the day, the New York Rock Exchange is not about making money. It’s about owning a piece of something special, and connecting with your favorite artists. Most of all, it’s about being able to tell people “that’s my song!”

Is this a good investment for my retirement savings?

Ummmm, no. Truth be told, if your investment strategy is driven by your musical tastes, it’s time to get an investment advisor! But, if you are looking to have fun and own a totally unique piece of music history, you are in the right place.

As a shareholder, do I own or get any rights to the song?

Sorry, but no. However, you do get a list of cool benefits as a shareholder.

Who buys SongShares?

Fans. Friends of fans. Parents of fans. Fans celebrating anniversaries. Boyfriends of fans who may-or-may-not have left the toilet seat up one too many times recently. The point is, SongShares are not only cool to own, they also make a great gift!

Royalty Questions

How do the royalties work?

As a special thank you to their fans, each artist works with the New York Rock Exchange to share a small portion of their royalties with their shareholders. At the end of the royalty term, you’ll get a small royalty payment from the New York Rock Exchange on behalf of the artist. It’s not a lot of money, but that’s not the point—How many people do you know that get royalties from rockstars?

Or if you’d prefer, you can donate your royalties. For each song, the artist designates a charitable cause they support. When the royalties are paid at the end of the term, shareholders can elect to donate their royalty to that cause. A whole bunch of little royalties can add up to make a significant difference.

How much are the royalties worth?

This varies depending on the artist and song but the total royalty payout is usually about $1.

Note that the royalty is usually fixed—meaning it does not go up or down based on the success of the song.

Why doesn’t the royalty change?

Good question. There are a couple reasons, ranging from securities law to the structure of the music industry. We wanted to give fans a “taste” of the music business without the need for them to navigate pages and pages of technical accounting details and legal agreements. Song royalties are an inherently complex subject, and we wanted to simplify it to make sure shareholders understood exactly what they were getting.

Keep in mind that even though the royalty value is fixed, the value of a SongShare goes up or down based on supply and demand.

Other Questions

What is a “Rock Certificate”?

A Rock Certificate is kind of like a cross between a Stock Certificate, a Gold Record, and an Album Cover. It certifies the ownership of your SongShare the same way a stock certificate does. Most people frame it (fits into any standard 12” frame) and hang it on their wall to show off just like a Gold Record. And it’s meant to be admired and fawned over the same way an album cover art was back in the vinyl days when “owning a song” actually meant something.

What is the serial number on the share for?

The serial number on the share identifies what share you own. Shares are limited, and your serial number tells you exactly which share you’ve got. The serial number is also used to register your share online so you can get access to royalties and other shareholder rewards.

Why does the price change?

Since there are a limited number of SongShares available, the price changes based on demand. Generally it’s best to get in early to get the best deal.

What happens after I buy a share?

Your Rock Certificate should arrive in the next 3-5 business days for most U.S. shipping addresses. About 7-28 days for most International shipping addresses. Once your certificate arrives, please follow the instructions that are included in the package to register your share. SongShares must be registered within 90 days of purchase in order to claim royalties and other shareholder rewards

How can I request that a certain artist or song go public on the New York Rock Exchange?

We’d love to hear what you are thinking. Please contact us with your dream “Rock List” at fans@newyorkrockexchange.com